Who Will Be The 8th Rugby League Immortal?

On Thursday the 27th of September the 8th Australian Rugby League Immortal will be announced in Sydney.

The current list of immortals and the year in which they were given the honour by Rugby League Week magazine are:

Clive Churchill – 1981
Bob Fulton – 1981
Reg Gasnier – 1981
Johnny Raper – 1981
Graeme Langlands – 1999
Wally Lewis – 1999
Arthur Beetson – 2003

The Daily Telegraph recently tried to stir up a lot of controversy about the naming of the 8th Immortal. There’s no doubt they will look to trump the announcement on the day the honour is handed out. Its a real shame too because this honour should be about celebrating the games greatest ever players, and all thats happened is that it has become a lightening rod for controversy thanks to the way it has been covered.

My personal opinion is that the next Immortal should be former St George Dragons captain Norm Provan.

Provan played 256 games for the Dragons and played in 11 straight Grand Finals for them. He played 19 times for New South Wales and 14 times for Australia. He is also dipicted on the Grand Final trophy embracing Arthur Summons in a recreation of the famous “The Gladiators” photograph taken after the 1963 Grand Final. He is one of the giant figures in the games history in the most dominant club side sport has ever seen.

Some feel as though Provan will be overlooked, that having not made the Immortals list already that players from a later era will now have their chance, but that is the way I would go.

Other former players expected to get a look in are Andrew Johns, Mal Meninga and Ron Coote.

You can actually attend the event where the 8th Immortal will be named. Simply go to https://www.menofleague.com/ and book your seat.

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