Where Should The Next Three NRL Expansion Clubs Be Located?

The National Rugby League is in a fantastic position right now.

The game is flushed with cash, there are tens of millions of dollars every year basically being put in the bank and saved by the game, and there are

Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea

When you’re a sporting competition who is getting backing from the Australian, Papua New Guinean, and United States Governments to expand into a nation that considers the sport its national sport, who have proven they can sustain a club in the Queensland Cup, and who produces top class NRL talent right now, its just a no brainer, you expand to that region.

If the club is based in Cairns or Darwin while playing its home games in Papua New Guinea, time will tell.

New Zealand

This should honestly have happened already. With how many players New Zealand produces, and with the way the New Zealand public has started to grow tired with the rules of rugby union stifling their football, the time is more than right for the NRL to have a second team in New Zealand.

Where that team should be based is open for debate. Wellington is a popular choice. Christchurch is looking to build a new stadium which could be utilised. At the end of the day the balance beens to be right between a big corporate base, opening a new market for the NRL and therefore the game overall, and the right facility at which fans will turn out and be able to watch the game in comfort.

Perth – Australia

With an eye on building the NRL’s national footprint, Perth has already produced NRL talent over the years out of its handy local scene. The time zone also opens up a lot of great opportunities for the games broadcaster, being able to have games on at later time slots on the east coast of Australia that would still be played at a decent time for local attendees of games.

So what do you think? Where should the next three expansion clubs be based? Leave your comments below!

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