What The Bloody Hell Was That!

Wow, talk about an upset!

The New Zealand Warriors beat Melbourne 18-15 in Melbourne, and I said to our good friends over at Sports Freak during the week, if the Warriors win, I give up.

Well, I lied, but that’s ok because everyone thought the Storm were going to win the game and carry on to the major semi final in two weeks time.

I said going into this game I felt the Storm would just do what they had to to win the match. That looked to be the case as Greg Inglis slotted a field goal to give the Storm the one point lead.

No one told the Warriors though and a try in the last two minutes just ripped the NRL finals series wide open.

The Storm just didn’t put in in the areas they needed to to get this win in this one. It was like they expected to win, that the game would come to them, and you can’t do that against the Warriors.

The Warriors might not have the best record in the NRL, but every team that plays them, even if they win, they all comment on how physical the game is.

The conventional wisdom is that you beat them up the middle, move them around and tire out their forwards, and then attack on the edges. Well the Storm didn’t do that hard wrok up the middle of the field and it cost them.

As for the Warriors, they showed a lot of composure when it counted and at the end of the day they just seemed to want it more.

This is the first time the 8th ranked team has beaten the first ranked side in NRL finals history. For their win the Warriors now take on the Roosters over in New Zealand, a game you have to expect them to win considering how soft the Roosters are.

As for the Storm, they now have to head up to Brisbane and face a Broncos side that is really going to test them.

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