Manly Thrash The Hopeless Tampons

Once again it was a contender versus a pretender, and Manly did it easily.

The 38-6 win gives Manly a week off which I’m sure they will welcome, and see’s St George/Illawarra bundled out of the finals in a most embarrassing way.

Manly really look the goods right now, and if it wasn’t for the fact the Melbourne Storm completely own them and their children, the Sea Eagles would be favorites for the title.

I still worry about Matt Orford, he is not a big game player. It wasn’t until the Sea Eagles started to pull away that Orford decided to turn up. Channel Nine unbelievably gave him their man of the match away but it was all the Sea Eagles forwards, pick any of them, they deserved it more.

Right across the park the Sea Eagles played great, they really came out and showed they know where they are headed.

It was great to see Steve Menzies score yet another try, a charge down with a diving, self inflicted falcon, he has now scored tries every single way known to man!

It was also funny to see Brett Stewart and Heath LeStrange play rock, paper, scissors to see who had the right to claim their contested try. The filthy look on Heaths face when he lost out to a bloke that’s scored 90+ tries was classic!

As for the Tampons, how embarrassing!

Out coached, out muscled, completely out played. The club who embraced a whinging loser like Kurt Reynoldson, who hero worshiped fragile tossers like Mark Gasnier, a club thats pack was build around a cat like Jason Ryles, thank god these idiots are no longer in the NRL.

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