The Sharks Beat Up A Shaken Raiders Side

You know, I’m one of these people that is willing to write off the Cronulla Sharks because they are the Cronulla Sharks and god just just not want them to win anything.

However I have to say, they are playing bloody well at the moment!

I pretty much expect the Sharks to be on another level from the Raiders and the 36-10 scoreline wasn’t unexpected.

The Sharks played the type of football they have been playing all year. Good, tough defense, putting pressure on the opposition on both sides of the ball and just grinding away for 80 minutes.

They flustered the raiders early and Canberra just never recovered. It was 20 minutes in before the Raiders looked like they might be settling down.

Their attack was disjointed and all over the place, Terry Campese was asked to do way to much, and that wasn’t helped by the fact the Sharks made him tackle all night long, and the outside back who have been talked up all year were terrible, giving up tries from bombs all night.

If as expected the Raiders have to head up to Brisbane to face the Broncos, they are going to get smashed all over again next week. They need to improve out of sight.

As for the Sharkies, like I said, a great win. They look like they will be facing the Roosters next week, and they will chew them up and spit them out.

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