Wakefield Are Screwed

News that Wakefields plans for a new stadium have been scrapped means the club now finds itself without a suitable stadium to use for the future.

The RFL has already told the Wildcats that they will be kicked out of Super League the next time their license comes up for renewal because their current ground is not even close to being up to standard.

With the Leeds Rhinos not far away and the Castleford Tigers basically right next door, the Wildcats find themselves in a terrible situation….and I’m not just talking about the fact they play out of the communal dump that is Wakefield!

With Super League really getting its act together, any team that wants to compete in the elite competition needs to have a top class stadium and a supporter base of around 10,000, and that’s just a starting point.

Many clubs now have top class stadiums, or are in the process of getting one built, and the crowd numbers for some mid table Super League clubs are growing every year.

That means strugglers like Wakefield and Castleford are being left even further behind, and there comes a point where Super League just will not be able to allow them to hold the rest of the competition back.

You also have to wonder if the Wildcats board will allow the club to wither and die, or will it look at relocation. Surely its better for the Wildcats to live on in Super League then just die out because of a pig headed refusal to look beyond playing out of the whole that is Wakefield.

When assured strugglers like Salford are expected to play out of a brand new, all seater stadium, you know that any team below their level is going to be in no position to compete in Super League.

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