Broncos Beat Roosters In A Classic Kickoff To The Finals

Wow, what a game of Rugby League!

The Brisbane Broncos beat the Sydney Roosters 24-16 in a brutal encounter at the Sydney Football Stadium.

The game saw two Broncos forwards knocked senseless and Roosters hooker Riley Brown brake his arm in two places, and that brutality just did not let up for the full 80 minutes.

The Broncos looked out played early in the game but managed to come from behind and over run the Roosters who just showed once again they can not put a top class 80 minutes of football together.

I thought the Broncos did pretty well, but they have improvement in them. I think they are defiantly up there with the top four clubs (The Storm, Sea Eagles and Sharks being the other three) but outside of that I don’t think anyone else has a hope in hell of winning the title.

The thing I like about the Broncos is they have a number of top class game winners, they are a very good team in their own right, but ontop of all of that, they have Darren Lockyer in their lineup.

Lockyer is just an out and out champion, he is the type of player that can turn a game and take a team to the title on his own.

All the Broncos need to do is give Lockyer a good enough platform to work off, and going by their performance last night, they have the ability.

The Broncos now get a home game next week against a yet to be determined opponent. That will be an amazing game, almost assured a sellout crowd.

I tell you what, you’d hate to be an opposition team having to head up to Brisbane next week!

As for the Roosters, they are battered, bruised and now they need results to go their way to assure themselves a game next week. They should be ok, I can’t see enough results going against them to see their season end this week, but stranger things have happened.

Either way it was a fantastic was to start to 2008 Finals series!


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