Trent Barrett Signs With The Sharks

Trent Barrett has signed a two year deal with the Cronulla Sharks that will see him play with the club for the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

The deal is said to be worth around $300,000 with a third party agreement with Channel Nine.

Barrett needed to get a release from Wigan to get this deal done and he is likely to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in making the move home.

I’m not sure how I feel about this move by the Sharks to be honest.

They have the core of a very good young side and I just get the feeling that this is a bit of a stopgap measure that they don’t need to make.

With Greg Bird the club has a 5/8th who has proven he is a really good, tough footballer. Sure they don’t have a halfback, but Barrett isnt a halfback either!

I think its just a move thats got some at Cronulla excited and they havent stood back and thought about what the club actually needs.

When Barrett left the NRL, he really had hit a wall in a big way.

Now he is two years older and having played in SL for the last couple of seasons is going to take him a long time to get back to his best as far as skill and fitness goes.

I just don’t think its the best move for the Sharks.

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