Canberra Raiders Fans Are Awesome!

So if you didn’t know, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is running an online poll to try and find out who the top player in the NRL is.

Seeing this, Canberra fans decided they wanted to have their say and within hours of the poll opening they bombarded the site with votes for Canberra halfback Todd Carney.

It all was started at The Green House, a great Canberra Raiders forum I’ve been a member of for a while.

Its a really good forum for Raiders news and, unlike many club forums, the fans are realistic about how the club is going on and off the field and they know about their club right through all grades.

Its well worth a look.

Having seen what they were up to, I jumped on and voted for Todd Carney too. Sure he isn’t the best in the game, but I wanna see what the Telegraph does when they don’t agree with the player who actually recieved the most votes!

So go to the Telegraphs web site line which I have posted below and vote for Carney!

Article On Raiders Fans Hammering The Poll

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