Richardson Nothing Short Of An Embarrassment On The Footy Show

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Anyone that saw Shane Richardson’s embarrassing performance on the Footy Show will remember it for a very long time.

Richardson has a history of enjoying the spotlight, he is right there with Matt Adamson as far as getting his head on TV for no apparent reason to do lots of talking, but not really say anything worthwhile.

He was invited on the Footy Show after once again taking up to post of South Sydneys CEO.

The Footy Show boys, Paul Vautin, Matthew Johns, Laurie Daley and Paul Harrigan, all did their best to conduct a good interview, asking great questions and not being afraid to ask the tough questions.

That didn’t matter however as Richardson ducked and weaved and tried to paint a picture of a rose colored glasses existence…..and the panel as well as the studio audience just didnt buy it.

At many points during the interview, audience members actually laughed at Richardsons answers.

One of the more comical parts of the interview was the way Richardson kept deflecting Souths current poor state towards the Newcastle Knights.

Paul Harrigan is a Knights board member and last year the Newcastle club did go through some tough times.

However Richardson just kept hammering on about how they turned things around, implying that Souths will do the same thing. It got to the point where a stone faced Richardson kept direction things towards Newcastle, and the panel as well as the studio audience laughed as if it was a running joke!

At the end of the day Richardson came off as an idiot. Someone who helped Souths get in their current situation, someone who had no idea about the reality of the situation, someone who was not capable to fixing something he didn’t feel was broke and someone who was full of hot air.

A typical yes man…..just the type of person South Sydney doesn’t need.

Click Here To See The Shane Richardson Interview
(You’d think with all that airtime he likes to get, he would atleast learn to look at the camera or the people asking him questions….but I guess he is too busy looking at himself on the monitor.)

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