Todd Carney To The GWS Giants AFL Team?

Seagulls Chasing A Chip

Triple M in Adelaide is reporting that the GWS Giants AFL team has offered former Cronulla Sharks player Todd Carney a pre season trial next year.

Carney, who was sacked by the Sharks after repeated warnings about his off field conduct that culminated in a photo being release that “appeared” to show him urinating into his own mouth, is very unlikely to ever play in the NRL again.

I think news of this GWS Giants approach to Todd Carney is hilarious. The GWS Giants are the biggest disaster in Australian sporting history. They are a hole in which the AFL throws millions of dollars into every year that is set on fire for no return what so ever.

I’d really like to see Todd Carney running out there in front of 800 people who got free tickets at a stadium named after some Eastern European car manufacturer to play a sport he has never played before. I think that type of circus would be fitting for a team that absolutely no one at all in Sydney gives a stuff about.

So let’s all hope this happens. I think Carney would be a great headline act for the GWS Giants.

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