Tigers Give Head Job Too Good To Refuse

Matthew Head will join the West Tigers in 2008 and give the 2005 Premiers the halfback they have missed since Scott Prince left the club.

Head can be a handy player but he hasn’t really impressed even going back to his days at the Dragons….which to be honest feels like yesterday.

The Tigers have a few question marks hanging over them this coming season.

They have lost a few players to Super League, they are almost assured of losing a couple of more next year including Brett Hodgson, they have Benji Marshall needing to come back from yet another shoulder operation and after a disappointing 2007 season they can afford to slip backwards in 2008.

They have a good junior base at the Tigers and we’ll likely see a few young players get a run in 2008. I would also expect that we will see Benji Marshall tried out at fullback at some point.

Yes he is a brilliant five-eight, but if coach Tim Sheens can take some of the pressure away from him defensively that can only be a good thing for the shoulders or one of the most exciting players in the game.

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