Drunken Moron To Be Sacked While Ray Price Gets A Reprieve

Serial dickhead Tim Smith is all but assured of having his Parramatta contract torn up after being caught drinking just days after being banned for drinking by the clubs after a drunken tirade aimed at a family.

Smith has had a number of alleged drunken episodes and has promised to stop drinking a number of times.

For a player that quite frankly is nothing special and will not be missed by the Eels, he has made a big mistake. Smith has been given a cruisey ride at Parramatta and no matter how terrible or stupid he has played, or what stupid, idiotic things he has done off the field, the club has stuck by him.

Those days appear to be over.

I cant see any reason why any other club should pick Smith up. He is a very average halfback. You have to wonder if his next stop will be the UK.

In other Parramatta news, the ridiculous decision to remove Ray Price’s name from a bar at the stadium has not only been reversed, but it has been revealed that a bronze statue to be erected to honor the Eels Champion.

Who ever made the decision to remove his name quite frankly doesn’t deserve to hold their position. It was tactless, classless and totally unnecessary. It makes you wonder what type of people are in charge or making such decisions.

Work on the statue will begin immediately and lets hope we see Ray Price’s image standing within the stadium itself so everyone that attends games can honor one of the games best players.

Update: Amazingly Smith was not sacked by the Eels. He was put on “indefinite suspension”,. orders to get counseling (Again!) and ordered to not drink alcohol for a year (Again!). It seems Parramatta stands by its Alcoholic morons.

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