The Sydney Telegraph Runs Possibly The Most Pathetic Story In History

It takes you about one week on the internet to realize the thing is full of idiots.

Whinging, crying, racist, weirdo, psycho, moronic, self important wankers!

When you learn this you realize that your brain needs to filter 90% of opinions you see online, take 5% in for a bit of humor and the other 5% is people stating the obvious.

With all that in mind, this is what makes internet driven feuds so incredibly boring. Its an argument between a bunch of idiots no one give a stuff about.

I refuse to have them simply because I don’t care about people online. Plenty of people hate me on this thing, but do I care? No. I’m do busying downloading gig and gig of pornography.

Knowing all this, I can’t for the life of me begin to explain how ridiculous and petty the article in today’s Sydney Telegraph is.

To break it down for you, a guy sets up a Bulldogs web site and then claims her is being harassed by the members of a previous Bulldogs web site he used to frequent. They are harassing him, making threats, prank calling him and such.

Why is it in the paper? I mean, people are dying in bush fires in Victoria, around 200 people at the last count, over 5000 are homeless and those two numbers are rising every day. Yet here we are seeing Australia’s largest news paper printing articles about a geek fight.

And make no mistake, that’s what it is.

This is like watching Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates arguing over who has the biggest dick. If you put it on national television you know who would care? Stephen and Bill….no one else.

Its pathetic journalism and Dean Ritchie who wrote the article should be embarrassed by it.

As for the feud itself, who cares. The Kennel is a good forum and I’ve never been to the other place. I think this is more a bunch of kids who don’t like each other, these web sites are just something else to argue about, and somehow one side managed to get some stupid hack to get it written up in the paper.

Well done to the Telegraph, your journalists standards have hit an all time low.

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