Are Manly In A Bit Of Trouble?

The reason the Manly Sea Eagles are the best team in the world is because they have all the right people making the right decisions as far as the football team goes.

The people with the money left the football brains go out and do their job. They don’t get involved in the football decisions, they don’t interfere and they get rewarded by the performance of the club.

The problem Many have right now is that the people with the money are now bickering with each other, and its getting very ugly.

The Manly Sea Eagles are basically owned by two people. Those two people are now arguing about who is putting in enough money right now.

Many fans are going to have to cross their fingers that one of the sides doesn’t just decide to walk away. This would put a lot of financial strain on the club, and Manly have already looked at Queensland as a possible option should the worst happen and they need to leave Sydney.

Hopefully the two sides can settle down, sort their issues out and come to some type of agreement. Both have been very good owners for the club, they saved the club from the scrap heap and now they are the champions, they should enjoy it rather than be fighting battles against each other.

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