The Stupidity Runs Strong In This One

I’ve tried to avoid talking too much about Sonny Bill Williams because seriously, he is a stupid kid thats been easily led by users.

There have been some interesting things I do want to mention though.

Despite having a court order stopping him from playing Rugby Union, Dollar Bill Willaims has actually played his first game, on the wing and in front of a full house of just 3,000 fans….and he got sin binned.

Williams was sent to the bin for shoulder charging….the idiot!

I have to wonder about this court order though. If Sonny Bill Williams has been told he can not play Rugby Union, and the club he is playing for helps him defy that order by selecting him, doesn’t that put the club in some sort of legal trouble?

I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer, just a fantastic lover.

Anyway the second interesting thing regards Willie Masons move from the Bulldogs to the Roosters at the end of the 2007 season.

Despite Sonny Bill Williams saying how he had lost faith in Mason after the move, the Bulldogs have come out to reveal that Sonny Bill was very much involved in the decision to let Mason go.

This goes beyond hypocrisy though….

With Mason gone the Bulldogs then has a lot of salary cap space to use. Salary cap space that Sonny Bill probably thought he could use to get his deal upgraded.

This of course did not end up happening, and didn’t Williams spit the dummy when he realized it!

So he pushed one of his mates out of the club, publicly stabbing him in the back, but all the while he just wants the money thats been freed up by Mason leaving.

It paints an interesting picture of Williams mindset.

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