Shaun McRae Is Still Embarrassing And The Poms Still Worship Him!

I thought that after his disastrous stint with the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s we had seen the last of serial gas bagger Shaun McRae.

After making a career for himself in the UK ruining clubs, he came over to Australia where his constant hot air and bullshit just didn’t cut it.

He eventually learned to shut his mouth in Australia, as similar failure Ian Millward has done in North Queensland, but then all McRae had to rely on was his coaching ability…..and he didn’t have any of that.

After being sacked by Souths, McRae ended up coaching at the worlds arsehole, Salford.

Now that the RFL have decided to burn one of the 14 licenses on that complete failure of a suburban club in Manchester, McRae is back to his old tricks again with the announcement of yet another import heading to Super League:

“He will be a great acquisition and he will be extremely good in helping the continued development of our young players.”

“He’s excited to be joining Salford and to be playing Super League.”

“It’s a new challenge for him and we’re delighted to be bringing him onboard.”

Amazing, this player must be one hell of a star. A game breaker, someone that can teach the young players how to be a top class player.

Well, no.

Salford have signed Jeremy Smith. No…not the very good Melbourne Storm premiership winning forward, they have signed the South Sydney halfback who is actually playing for North Sydney in the Jim Beam Cup because he is not up to playing First Grade….for South Sydney…..

McRae to the Manchester Evening News “This signing outlines our intentions. Smith can play half-back and has a fine kicking game”.

Smith not a halfback. He is a tough bloke, a decent athlete, but one of those players that doesn’t have the size or power to be a forward, and lacks the speed to be a back. The other problem is he doesn’t have the skill to be a halfback, five-eight or hooker.

So if these are Salfords “Intentions” then god help the small but loyal group of crack heads and ice addicts that support Manchesters poorest suburb.

I’ve never understood why these Australian coaches and players who head over to the UK never get put under the microscope. They say things that are beyond ridiculous, and no one in the UK questions them. They just blindly take anything they say as gospel.

The likes of Shaun McRae, Ian Millward, Stuart Raper and Tony Rae have been a disaster where every they have been. This lot have no credibility in Australia and yet in the UK when they want to speak to an expert, they talk to these idiots!

Then again this is England, where they thought Frank Endacott was a good coach despite being nothing short of a grade A failure at every single level he has coached.

Its still happening today as well, Tony Smith is the coach of England these days for all of those games we watched him stuff up his tactics and interchanges in important games.

Yeah, he did eventually win something, but it was at Leeds, one only only three clubs that have shared the Super league title in the last ten years. Anyone could win there…hell, the gibbering idiot that took over from Smith at Leeds is winning games in charge of the Rhinos!

Smiths latest cunning plan is refusing to announce Englands 40 man squad for the World Cup, despite the fact ever other country has done so.

I can just imagine the fear running through the ARL and NZRL at what amazing players Smith is going to announce. I’m sure he will trick everyone, it will be a stunning move that will show how smart he really is!

Are there even 40 English players playing in England these days?

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