Move Over Big Willie, Here Comes The Great Daine

Rugby League just keep turning out star players and one to look out for is the West Tigers Daine Laurie.

At 6ft 6in and 112kgs, Laurie is right up there with the most physically imposing players in the game. He is just what the West Tigers pack needed, he adds a whole lot of size, but that is just part of his game.

Laurie is one of those players that has an effect on the game in attack and defense. He is very mobile for someone his size and has shown a willingness to throw himself at the opposition, usually sending a few of them flying off him as he breaks tackles.

In defense he has shown he can put on a big hit when needed. He is also very mobile defensively and is quickly becoming a player thats influence in defense isn’t just confined to the immediate area around him, but a larger part of the field. His ability to get to an attacker is very good.

Laurie was born in NSW and is of Aboriginal decent, which is good news for the Blues. You have to wonder, if he keeps his current form up, will Ricky Stuart take a punt on his and call him up to the Australian squad?

Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah are lucky enough to have a lot of mobile forwards they can use in the West Tigers side, but to now have a damaging forward with size to use, they must be looking to get him more involved in their play as well.

Laurie only made his NRL debut in June, but he already looks the goods.

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