The Roosters’ Struggles: Trent Robinson Expresses Concern About Inconsistency

Coach Trent Robinson has acknowledged the significant problems the Sydney Roosters have been facing lately, particularly after their unexpected defeat to the Cowboys at Magic Round. Although they managed a close victory over the Dragons on Anzac Day and showed tenacity against the Warriors in challenging weather, the Roosters were still expected to maintain their winning streak on Sunday afternoon.

Nonetheless, the struggling North Queensland side benefited from a heavy downpour just before the game at Suncorp Stadium commenced. They adapted well to the conditions and achieved an impressive 20-6 victory.

During a media briefing following the game, Robinson discussed a developing “mindset” issue at Bondi and expressed concern about the team’s inconsistency. He pointed out that while the team had achieved impressive victories, they also had poor performances. Additionally, Robinson acknowledged that the Cowboys displayed greater hunger and outperformed the Roosters during the match.

According to Robinson, the Roosters were seeking relief from the opposition’s excellent tackling, pressure, and clean attack rather than putting in the necessary effort. He credited the Cowboys for their impressive performance in these areas and noted that the Roosters failed to match their enthusiasm.

Mindset and Consistency are Essential for Success

Robinson emphasized that being dependent on motivation to play the game could be problematic and lead to inconsistent performance. He also stated that having a mindset of playing hard every week is essential for success in the competition but acknowledged that their team has not yet achieved that level of consistency. Robinson’s comments about consistency and mindset are particularly relevant in National Rugby League Odds, where even small fluctuations in team performance can significantly impact the betting lines. 

Furthermore, Robinson stated that the right mindset should come from everyone on the team and should be evident every week, focusing on going after the game. Robinson also mentioned that their team was out-muscled by North Queensland in their previous game and that the opposing team played their way effectively. The speaker further added that their team reacted poorly to the situation.

Tedesco Speaks Out

During the post-game press conference, Roosters captain James Tedesco was frank in his assessment of the Round 10 defeat, describing it as “frustrating” and pointing to the team’s persistent lack of execution. He emphasized the need to reverse their current situation, highlighting the recent changes in the club’s spine and outside backs due to injury issues and poor form.

Tedesco expressed frustration among the team and observed that although they had a tough win last week, they failed to perform the same way during the current game. He felt that the team’s attack needed to the mark, and they needed to execute their plays well or threaten the opposition. 

Tedesco also observed that they relied on individuals and missed opportunities to score points. He acknowledged that the team had made changes in their spine and noted that it was their responsibility to run their plays well.

The Elephant in the Room: Sam Walker

The post-game press conference revealed that the absence of Sam Walker was a significant topic following the Roosters’ loss on Sunday. Walker has been left out of the team’s selection for the past three weeks due to illness. However, Trent Robinson did not suggest a recall for Walker and instead blamed the system for the team’s poor performance rather than placing the blame on the player in that role.

Joseph Manu’s performances in the No.6 jumper have been mixed, but Robinson believed he was defending well and had some excellent running performances. He also made a decision about a player he believed in and was clear about what he wanted him to improve on. Robinson felt that the issues the Roosters were facing were less about personnel change and more about how they were training the players and how they needed to run them, and their influence on that.

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