Who Reigns the NRL TELSTRA Premiership? Here Is the Season Standing

Formed in 1998, the National Rugby League (NRL) TELSTRA Premiership has developed into the big tournament it’s widely known as now. Furthermore, this Australian rugby league consists of various clubs that will bring excitement to the field – those expanding from Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, New Zealand, to the Capital Territory.

With plenty of teams on the roster, you’d have difficulty keeping up with each one. So to keep your rugby data on par with the latest wins and news, here are this season’s standings to help you. Here, you’ll learn about the top five teams based on the last 12 rounds of the league:

Penrith Panthers

The Penrith Panthers currently conquer the league as they hold 16 points and four Premiership appearances – two of which they succeeded as the second-runner. Not only this, but the Panthers have also attended three minor Premierships and gained a win percentage of 44%! Such data is evident, especially in their latest game with the Broncos last May 18, 2023.

During this game, the Panthers’ halfback Nathan Cleary proved his skill by scoring 1,300 points in the NRL’s Indigenous Round against the Brisbane Broncos. Moreover, Cleary controlled the match with an 11-point haul, penalty goal, and field goal. With this, the Panthers sealed their mark in the league as they won over the Broncos with 15-4 points on the board.

With this, you’ll see plenty of action, especially if the Panthers play on the fields. Furthermore, mark your calendar, update your NRL news, and place your wagers at Betway NRL for the best rugby experience any fan could have. Doing so will keep you updated so you don’t miss any heat! 

South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs are in second place with 16 points. However, this may not faze the Rabbitohs as their record shows impeccable skill and talent. The team has attended 21 Premierships – 14 of which they won as the runner-up. Not only this, but they also have 17 minor Premierships to boot.

Additionally, the Rabbitohs have a winning percentage of 51% and a tackle efficiency of 88.6% – most of which were proven in their May 13 game against the Wests Tigers as they reigned with a 20-0 score. Although the Wests Tigers held a solid defensive effort during the first 70 minutes of the game, it was no match for the Rabbitohs!

The same goes for the May 6 game of the Rabbitohs against the Melbourne Storm. Here, fans were hoping for the Storm to jump higher on the ladder, but the Rabbitohs proved them otherwise with their defensive ability and attacking potency.

Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

Still, with 16 points, the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks are third in the standings. This team holds 1 Premiership and two minor Premiership appearances. Additionally, the Sharks hold a winning percentage of 47% and a tackle efficiency of 88.9%. 

Moreover, the Sharks have their teamwork accounted for, especially with team captain Wade Graham. This 32-year-old adds dimension to the Sharks as one of the best physical defenders on the team. Furthermore, Graham’s defense even has a tackle efficiency of 93.6%.

Additionally, the team took the Knights down 26-6 with masterclass efforts from Nicho Hynes. The halfback finished the game with 64 run meters, line break assists, two tackle busts, and five goals – proving himself as a player to look out for in the Sharks.

Brisbane Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos come in fourth with 16 points in the leaderboard. Moreover, the Broncos have had six Premiership and four minor Premiership appearances – all while holding a winning percentage of 57%. The Broncos are also efficient regarding their tackles, with an efficiency percentage of 88.1.

Also, the Broncos have multiple top performers, namely Patrick Carrigan and Adam Reynolds. Although Carrigan suffered a severe injury in 2021, he could still bounce back and make a significant effort this year with 21 tackle breaks and 95.5% for tackle efficiency. 

On the other hand, Adam Reynolds brings experience and talent to the team, as he previously played for the Rabbitohs. With the Broncos, Reynolds earned an average of 415.4 kicking meters and a 92.9% tackle efficiency. With this duo in the Broncos, you will surely see more of the team in the upcoming games.

Melbourne Storm

The fifth team in the leaderboard still has 16 points – and that team is the Melbourne Storm. This team will bring a hurricane to the field, especially with a 65% winning percentage. Furthermore, you’d be stunned by the tackle efficiency of the Storm as they garnered 87.7% – and that’s in the 2023 season alone!

The Storm showed their true potential in their recent game against the Redcliffe Dolphins. Masterclass Cameron Munster and Jahrome Hughes gave the game they’re all here, proving worth it as the Storm reigned 24-16.

During this game, Munster made two tackle busts and a 51-meter run, while Hughes went for a line break and a 43-meter run. The Storm was on a roll with this pair, taking the Dolphins out of the win. 

Final Thoughts

Although these are only five of seventeen clubs in the NRL, you already have a sneak peek of the best teams to look out for during this season. The only thing left to do is to tune in on the upcoming games and enjoy the league while you’re at it!

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