The Reds Are On The Rag And Forgetting Their Standing In The Game

I’m a big fan of Mike Stephenson. Sure his call of the game on Sky Sports is over the top, but I think he knows who butters his bread and that he has made a very nice career on TV for being the bloke that goes over the top.

Thing is, people see this persona and don’t realize that Stephenson is a champion who really knows the game, loves the game and does a lot of very good things for the game without looking for a hint of publicity in return.

In his playing days Stephenson was one of the games best. He was a player that others looked up to and respected. He pretty much did everything you could want as a player, and he didn’t just take the easy road either, he took on tough situations and made his reputation for being just as good in a poor team as he was in a great Test side.

Now with that out of the way, I’m finding it incredible the way the Salford Reds have taken it upon themselves to attack Stephenson for his opinions on the team and some of its players.

Apparently Stephenson has given his honest opinion of a number of Salford players, and they haven’t taken to kindly to it!

“Stevo is talking utter rubbish claiming I’m past it. This man is all talk and why should he have a pop at Salford?”

That was from Salford captain Mal Alker whom Stephenson said was past it in one of his regular columns during the week.

To claim one of Britians greatest players in the last 50 years is “All talk” is bloody ridiculous, especially when the barb is coming from some bloke thats absolute shit.

Alker descended into pure comedy however with some of his retorts to Stephenson. Here are some of my favorites:

“I also gave young James Roby a 10-yard start from a scrum and chased him for 60 yards and caught him when we played Saints at Knowsley Road. That’s not bad for a supposed has been.”

“Stevo should also take into account my statistics from the Hull game last weekend. I made 33 tackles, I didn’t miss a single tackle and I had 20 carries with the ball. I was also kicking and it’s just not on for this fella to have a go in this manner.”

Someones sounds a little defensive!

Alker also got upset when Stephenson had the nerve to suggest that Robbie Paul is past is best!

“I can take constructive criticism but when someone starts having a go at a player of Robbie’s stature that is just total disrespect for someone who has won everything and is respected throughout the game.”

Robbie Paul has a stature? He’s won everything? Please, Mal, why don’t you get a hot water bottle, jump into get and watch your Sex And The City DVD box set you whinging bitch!

Of course when it comes to Salford, stupidity isn’t reserved for the players. It runs right throughout the entire club and its fans base, so you knew more whinging was on its way.

Salford football director Steve Simms had a go as well.

“It is not on for Stephenson to be so opinionated and so critical about certain Salford players. He is way out of order.”

“What does Stevo know about Mal Alker? – not very much. He won’t see all the good he does but this is par for the course for this fellow. Everybody rubbishes him to his face because of his ridiculous comments.”

Really? I bet Steve Simms doesn’t. I bet he bends over like a bitch when someone like Mike Stephenson enters the room.

It always astounds me the way some in Super League are so precious. They believe they should live in rarefied air, never to be criticized, there only to be lauded.

The fact that Salford sit second last on the ladder, having lose 8 of their 11 games is beside the point. Salford has give up nearly 33 points per game in defense this year, and they dare come out with this rubbish about one of the games greats who was simply pointing out what everyone already knows.

The Salford Reds are shit!

I’m glad Stephenson put this lot in their place. The best part is, no one cares what anyone from Salford has to say in return. Stephenson is big enough and ugly enough to look after himself, a bunch of whinging idiots from a failed National League One club won’t worry him.

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