The Melbourne Storm Break Up Draft

Lets start off by saying, I love the Melbourne Storm. I personally hope they can keep their core together, surround them with minimum wage youngsters and come back in 2011 and win the comp.

I think they may at least be forced to lose one of their top players, which is unfortunate.

As you look through their lineup, there are a heap of players any club would love. So if the Storm were to release their star players, which teams would head hunt which players?

In this exercise, there are a couple of rules.

Each NRL team can only pick up one Storm Player, not matter how much cap space they have.

Cap space does come into it to a certain extent, but I’m not gonna let it get in the way of any mouth watering combination’s.

With that in mind, less completely dismantle a club!

Cooper Cronk
The Broncos have been struggling for a halfback since Allan Langer retired, again. with Cronk you get a young halfback with a heap of experience you can build a team around. Here is what interests me though. The Cowboys are moving heaven and earth to try and retain Jonathan Thurston. As brilliant as Thurston is, he has finished the last few seasons at half pace because of his shoulder injuries. The Cowboys could pay a lot less for Cronk and know he will play just about every game for them as he doesn’t carry injuries. I have to say, if I’m the Cowboys, I’d take what Cronk gives me over what Thurston give me. Destination: North Queensland

Greg Inglis
Most people would start thinking about which teams need a top class center. I’m thinking about which teams need a top class fullback. Fullback is Inglis’ best position and he would be a devastating player at that position for any club. I think Inglis could single handedly turn the Cronulla Sharks around at fullback. he would get them on the front foot at the start of every set, he would be a game breaker they desperately need, and then you have to think of what he can do just chiming into the attack when ever he wants with the freedom he’d get at fullback. Destination: Cronulla

Brett Finch
This one is pretty cut and dried if you ask me. The Newcastle Knights could really use Brett Finch. He is experience would be great for the club and he would take a lot of pressure of Jarrod Mullen. Destination: Newcastle

Adam Blair
The Canterbury Bulldogs could use a forward with Ben Hannant looking to head back to Queenland. Blair would add real attitude to the Dogs pack and give them a game breaker in the pack which I really think they lack right now. Destination: Canterbury

Billy Slater
I’m about to give all of New Zealand a collective fatty by suggesting that Billy Slater would be murderous at their club! Imagine Slater playing behind their big pack of forwards, just waiting to explode through the line off the off loads the Warriors are known for. If a complete goose like McKinnon can look half decent there, Slater would look like a god. Destination: New Zealand

Cameron Smith
They might have missed out on their number one target, but the Broncos would not be all that upset to end up with Cameron Smith. He would be a great captain to take over from Darren Lockyer and he could actually end up playing at halfback anyway, he has that ability. You know the Queenslanders would also love to have the next Maroons and Australian captain playing out of Brisbane too! Destination: Brisbane

Ryan Hoffman
You look at all the teams that could use Hoffman, and I have to say, I think he’d have the biggest impact at Penrith. You have Prichard and Waterhouse who can both break the line and get a good offload away, if you added Hoffman to the mix you’d have a panthers pack that is tough up the middle and a nightmare to contain when they spread the ball a bit wider. Destination: Penrith

Brett White
With a big young pack and some great backs already in their lineup, the Canberra Raiders would be bolstered by getting White in their side. Their pack would have so much depth and it would give so much room to their backs to really open up the game. Destination: Canberra

Jeff Lima
The Cold Coast Titans could use some toughness up front and Lima would be the perfect addition for them. He is a hard nosed forward that is just relentless with his go forward. Destination: Gold Coast

If you think its fun to think about how these players would boost other clubs, just remember that there are people at the 15 other NRL clubs thinking the same thing. The Storm will likely only lose a few of the players on this list, but even so, they will add a whole lot to the teams they end up at.

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