The Broncos End Talks With Karmichael Hunt, However They Have A Bad Poker Face

The Brisbane Broncos are tired of being stuffed around by Karmichael Hunt and as a result they have terminated contract talks with the State Of origin Fullback.

Thing is, they were weak about it.

They have said that they are still willing to talk about keeping him, and that they don’t want to lose him, so the fact is that nothing has changed and if Hunt wants to stay at the Broncos, he can sign a contract at any time.

Its believed Hunt has his eye on the big money being offered in Rugby Union and he doesn’t want to play for another NRL club, which is a bit strange.

The Bulldogs and Dragons have both been linked to Hunt but its been suggested that last years “Foursome with three team mates in a pub toilet” has left a bitter taste in Hunts mouth (You know I had to!) and he is looking for a bit of a break from being, you know, a human being.

Hunt is a handy player and he is still only young. I think he has improvement in him but he needs to look at what type of player he wants to be.

At time he wants to be a hard running fullback who will run at players rather than running into gaps. I think he looks at his best though when he is running out wide and doing a bit of ball playing, he has that ability to put his outside men into space.

Because he has already played so much first grade football I worry that his hard running will see him finished at a young age. He needs to remember he isn’t a forward, he is not built like a forward, and if he keeps up that rubbish his career will be a lot shorter than it really has to be.

What ever the case I don’t think you’ll find the Broncos lacking anything at fullback. You can go back to day one of the Broncos and they have rarely gone a single game without an State Of origin player at fullback for them.

If Hunt think he can go off and play Rugby Union for two years, then come back and get his Broncos Fullback spot back he is in for a rude shock.


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