Robbed By Officials Who Are Ruining The Game

I didnt have money on the match, I actually tipped the Dragons to win the game, I just loved watching a great game of footy.

Then it was ruined.

The Bulldogs scored an amazing 60 meter, last minute, game winning try against the St George/Illawarra Dragons. It was a grand stand finish that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Then the Geeks got involved…

Jamie Soward could not get to a flying Luke Patten, and in a professional play, and one I’m not going to bag him for, we saw Soward lean into a Bulldogs defender and throw his arms up, suggesting he was being obstructed in making a tackle.

It should not have been looked at a second time, but Steven Clark spent 5 minutes looking at the move, and then signaled no try, deciding the game with a wrong decision and completely ruining what was an amazing contest.

I’m not a fan of either of these teams, but the decision was a load of bullshit and just showed the biggest problem the game has right now.

Teams are playing great football and killing themselves to get results, only to have some bloke wearing pink, or some old ref in a box in the stands deciding the games.

If they were getting things right, you wouldn’t hear a word from me. The problem is they are getting decisions wrong, most of their decision are wrong, and they are huge, game changing decisions.

As I’ve said a number of times this year, common sense is out the window.

Common sense would dictate that Soward couldn’t have got to Pattern anyway, that the Dragons went 60 meters, ran through the entire Dragons side and still managed to score under the posts. Common sense would say the Dragons blew a 14-0 lead, the Bulldogs were running over the top of them and you don’t decide games like this on a Dragons player needing to brush past a Bulldogs player to make a damn tackle.

But no…The Geeks got involved and ruined things, that’s just what they do.

The Bulldogs were robbed blind, the crowd was incensed and a game was ruined.

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