The Reason The NRL Needs To Impose Automatic Bans

Sydney Roosters Hooker Jake Friend was charged with high range drink driving a few days ago. As a “P Plater” he shouldnt have had any alcohol in his system at all.

As a result the Sydney Roosters fined him $10,000 but chose not to suspend him.

Now, a $10,000 fine for Jake Friend is huge. Thats like 1/5th of his salary for the entire year. Imagine if someone took that much money off you with the stroke of a pen, that would change the way you lived for the rest of the year.

So its a tough penalty, but the public is demanding more.

This is why I think the NRL should have bans in place that automatically kick in when a player does something wrong off the field.

If you are charged with an offense like high range drink driving, a fine from your club and two weeks on the sidelines sounds good to me.

Now, clubs and players can go on and on about fairness as long as they want, but the fact is this is what the fans of the game of Rugby League want.

Brad Fittler was quoted as saying yesterday that the Roosters clubs answered only to the Roosters board. Thats not right.

What about the members of the Roosters club, the people that are being asked to hand over their money to “Support your team and make a difference”.

Its not just the media or the “public” that wants these problems sorted quickly, its life long Rugby League fans!

Its these insular attitudes that are the reason why the NRL needs to be the one imposing the penalties and the bans. Clubs, as always, are governed by self interest. Sure they are on a high horse when its another club in trouble, but when its them, the excuses start as they look to justify their slap on the wrist penalties.

He’s a good kid, its his first mistake, he is really upset about what he has done……

The public has had enough. Ban these players for a few weeks and let them think about what they have done.

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