St George/Illawarra CEO Peter Doust Would Be Dangerous If He Had A Brain!

Well as we all know Mark Gasnier is probably going to opt out of his long term contract with the St George/Illawarra Tampons and take up a huge contract to play Rugby Union in France.

Gasnier’s high paying, long term contract with St George/Illawarra basically allows him to come off contract every single season and negotiate with anyone that will talk to him.

What type of stupid club would offer a contract like that?

Dragons CEO Peter Doust, who has presided over the most diabilocally poor run in the history of St George, has come up with an equally great ideal to stop the player drain overseas.

His plan is to let players contracted to NRL clubs take off season contracts with French Rugby Union, let them make the money, do away with any sort of NRL off season or pre-season, and this will keep playings in the game of Rugby League.

The most incredibly stupid idea that anyone could have every possibly come up with!

Forget about all of the problems having one player contracted two two different clubs, and sports for that matter, throws up.

When it comes to the all important pre-season, that would become a thing of the past under this stupid idea, Doust incredibly had this to say:

“I don’t think the players need a pre-season. If someone like Wendell Sailor did it and missed two games at the start of the year I wouldn’t stress if it meant him playing the rest of the season.”

Simplistic and short sighted just don’t do that quote justice.

It takes 30 seconds to think this through with a little logic.

What about the off season training? What about pre-season training? What happens if a player is called up to play Test football during the off season? What happens if a player gets injured playing the other sport during the off season? Do players earn less because they are not part of your NRL clubs for the entire 12 months of the year? How would this effect the salary cap?

Wow, thats was easy, and quick!

So you have to wonder how someone, that runs a fricken National Rugby League club, would not only think this idea up, but actually say this idea out loud despite it being so utterly stupid!

There are some poorly run clubs in this game, but can you imagine if this bloke was running you club? If he can work out the problems in his stupid, simplistic idea, how can he run a professional Rugby League team?

Having said that, this is St George/Illawarra, a club that has become famous, not so much for the Red V but more for its laughable stupidity.

This is a club that has allowed a failed coach in Nathan Brown have a 6 year run without any sort of success. A club thats in deep financial strife. A club that has given some players completely ridiculous contracts despite the fact they have been injury prone, erratic and show to crack under pressure.

The Dragons are a running joke, and its no wonder with this type of incredibly stupid leadership at the club.

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