Madness and Stupidity Surrounds Tim Smiths Move To Wigan

I was going to let this slide but comments today from Wigans moron of a coach, Brian Noble have tipped me over the edge.

Six weeks ago Tim Smith came out and say he had bipolar disorder. It was so bad that he needed to walk away from the game and get his life back in order.

The Parramatta eels released him and he went home to be with his family who felt he needed care in what was supposed to be a difficult time in his life.

Keep in mind that Parramatta has struggled along with Smith for quite some time. His poor on field performances were put down to inexperience, and the club put up with his terrible off field behavior, all of which was eventually blamed on being Bipolar.

Skip forward six weeks and it seems Tim Smith has miraculously been cured! It seems that he, as well as those around him, feel the best thing for him right now is to fly to the other side of the planet and play football again.

Bit of a turn around….

Of course he is heading to a Wigan club thats a shadow of its former self and is coached by one of the worst in the business.

Brian Noble has told Wigan fans to completely ignore all the bad headlines from Australia regarding Smith and….I quote: “I do know that he’s one hell of a good player, up there among the best three halfbacks in the world,”

Can you believe that?

Tim Smith wasn’t even the best halfback at the Parramatta Eels, but this stupid, slack jawed Pommy dope has come up with this clanger, for what reason I don’t know.

Noble then went on to claim Smiths well documented behavior was a result of “Living in a fishbowl” in Sydney.

No Brain, you idiot….its not a result of the media….they just reported every time this young fool abused someone, got kicked out of bars, broke club imposed drinking bans and then, quit the game mid contract!

You really have to wonder what is it about Super League clubs, coaches and administrators that they feel the need to try and bullshit fans. Sure, many Super League fans bite hard on this PR rubbish and believe their clubs can do no wrong, but outside of these cheerleaders, all this type of thing does is destroy credibility, not that Noble has any left in Rugby League circles.

And what of Tim Smith?

Someone, his family, his manager, his friends…..all of them should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. If he really is unwell, its a disgrace that the people that are supposed to care for him have been so quick to farm him out to make a bit of money off of him.

I’ve never rated Tim Smith, I always felt he was a park footballer who managed to make it as far as he did based on a long held need by the Parramatta club to find its young Peter Sterling replacement.

He is one in a long list of young halfbacks who has been given an armchair ride at the club, and most of whom have failed.

Wigan not only bought damaged goods as far as his off field behavior goes, but they have a young halfback that is not a first grade footballer.

Well done to Wigan…..and well done to Brian Noble, you stupid Pommy fool!

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