Nathan Brown To Coach Huddersfield As Super League Stupidity Shows No Sign Of Slowing

This pretty much sums up Super League this move…

The Huddersfield Giants have signed St George/Illawarra Tampons coach Nathan Brown to a three year deal.

Brown, who’s long reign at the St George/Illawarra has been nothing short of a tragic mess, has shown nothing at all to suggest that he would be a good coach for any other team to pick up in the near, or distant future.

Brown was thrown into the coaching role with St George/Illawarra with zero coaching experience under his belt. He famously berated players on the sideline and slapped Trent Barrett in the face (in front of TV cameras) during one game early in his career.

Browns time at the Dragons could be summed up with one word. Underachievement.

Brown has no excuse for his failure at the Dragons. He had the players he wanted, he had more time than any other coach in history to find some sort of coaching form….and the Dragons during his time have been a stupid mess of a side who have been so bad they have become comical.

Why on Earth Huddersfield look at all this and thought he would be a good coach for them, I have no idea.

It just goes to show that Super League is not an English competition, but a competition of Aussie and Kiwi failures.

In other Super League News….

Bradford Bulls Sink Their Teeth Into Beaver
Bradford have secured the signature of Steve Menzies for the 2009 season. Menzies will be a handy buy for Bradford and if he settles in over there I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays for more than one season for the Bulls.

You have to keep in mind though that Menzies is a Manly player, he has played there his entire career and you will not get a bigger change of scenery than moving to Bradford.

Morons Should Be Stood Down
As you probably know by now Leon Pryce and Stuart Reardon have found themselves in trouble with the law for acts of alleged stupidity.

It hard to talk about what allegedly happened because everyone is innocent until proven guilty (Ha!) but considering what they are up for both St Helens and Warrington should drop both players until there is a conclusion to this matter.

The game needs to set it own standards in how these matters are delt with, but please, don’t hold your breath.

Super League clubs will happily play anyone no matter what they have done. They don’t care about the image of the game one little bit.

Franchise Decisions Soon To be Announced
Well every tiny little failed club in Northern England has spent the last month talking themselves up ahead of the announcement from the RFL about who will be the 14 teams to compete in Super League beyond this year.

Considering that the expansion of the competition is not being done to add extra games to a TV s schedule you would think that this expansion would be to cast the Super League net wider for fans, sponsors and media attention.

No….that would be logical!

It seems that the Welsh team the Celtic Crusaders will be one of the extra teams, but the talk is that either Widnes or Salford for get the other spots, a completely ridiculous decision considering Widnes were in administration 6 months ago and both clubs have shown they have failed at SL level numerous times before.

Still, thats Super League isn’t it….stupidity rules!

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