Should Clubs Rest Key Players Heading Into The Finals Series?

As we head towards the NRL finals series the top teams in the completion will start to weight up the risks versus the rewards of playing their key players in the remaining games of the regular season.

With just about every team in the competition one or two key injuries away from being no hope of winning the title, it’s understandable why some clubs look to rest their best players in the last couple of weeks of the regular season.

When clubs rest players to avoid injuries or to freshen up players ahead of the finals series it normally upsets a few people. The argument against resting players is that it short changes fans who are entitled to see the best players available in games they pay to see.

So what do you think? Should clubs rest top players if the have nothing to lose in terms of their position on the premiership ladder? Vote in the poll and have your say:

Should NRL clubs rest key players heading into the finals series?

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