Rugby League In Great Britain Fails To Deliver Yet Again

With a national audience and playing on one of the biggest stages of them all, Rugby League in Great Britain once again failed to deliver the goods.

Rugby League in Great Britain rarely gets a chance to press it’s claims to a national audience. With Super League games being shown on Sky Sports the wider public doesn’t get a chance to see Rugby League all that often.

The earlier rounds of the Challenge Cup are, for the most part, garbage. The Challenge Cup Final though is a big event. One that a lot of people would no doubt be willing to tune into and get a dose of Rugby League action.

Any non Rugby League fan that made that decision and watched the 2013 Challenge Cup Final is unlikely to come back for seconds. As a Rugby League die hard myself I was disgusted with the game. I wanted to turn it of after 20 minutes but I couldn’t, I needed to watch the game so I could write about it for the web site. Non Rugby League supporters no doubt didn’t have this same commitment.

For all the problems Rugby League in Great Britain has, the last thing is needed was for a showcase event to end in a terrible contest like THAT. Rugby League can’t keep offering up complete and utter shit and then wondering why no one is taking an interest in the sport.

The Challenge Cup has many different problems that seem almost impossible to overcome. Lopsided score lines, a supporter base that barely has any interest in the competition, issues with players betting on games…the list goes on and on.

For all of those problems people could always look towards the Challenge Cup Final, the thing that made all of the other issues worth pushing through. You can’t say that any more….

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2 thoughts on “Rugby League In Great Britain Fails To Deliver Yet Again

  1. could not agree more with your comments…

    I recorded the game…watched this morning in Canada…

    and thought this may be the worst final i have seen…no adventure lack of talent…terrible skill….was bloody aweful to watch…

    luckily I had the Bulldogs v Rabbitohs on my pvr and had not watched yet..

    and I’m English Saints fan…..and I have to agree with you

  2. It was just so bad to watch. People can’t think that games ya bad shown to a national audience in the UK have no negative effect on the sport. It was a terrible advertisement for the game.

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