Wigan Win The 2013 Challenge Cup Final

In what is easily the worst game of Rugby League I have ever seen, Wigan has beaten Hull FC 16-0 to win the 2013 Challenge Cup Final.

You could blame the wet conditions if you like, but the football on display by Hull FC in particular was below the standard of even an amateur side.

Hull FC were so bad that it really overtook the entire game. Wigan never really looked to be in danger at any point of the match. I’m sure even the most die hard Wigan supporter will be quick to talk about how terrible Hull were. It was dire!

Wigan themselves were not that good. They look like a side that is out of form. They struggled in attack for the entire game. A team in decent form would have put 60 points on Hull FC.

Matty Smith won the Lance Todd medal. I don’t know how they came up with that decision, everyone on the field was terrible.

This really was one of the worst games I have ever seen. Had it been a regular Super League game I’d have switched the channel after 20 minutes.

This is really just another nail in the coffin of the Challenge Cup. The oldest trophy in Rugby League can’t even provide decent finals these days.

Just terrible….a waste of two hours….

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3 thoughts on “Wigan Win The 2013 Challenge Cup Final

  1. sh¡t weather, the usual whingeing, whining Aussie coach for Hull fc, with the likes of Jason Crookes, convicted of drunken assault against 2 women, is protected by his club instead of being de-reistered ; versus a healthy Wigan side…
    What did anyone expect?

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