Shane Beadman – Why State Of Origin Is Still Relevant

Over the last 7 years since NSW has won an Origin series the question has arisen countless times through media outlets and social networking sites weather State Of Origin is still relevant to the game of Rugby League.

The simple answer is Yes it is the more difficult answer is how do New South Wales come up with the right players,combo’s and game plans to beat one of the best if not the best ever Queensland side ever assembled? So that we can market the game as an actual competition again.

In any sport there will always be a dominant team that sticks around for a few years then falls off the rails due to retirement or injury of star players but the main problem for NSW is I’m sure Queensland could well and truly come up with a second team and probably still beat us.

How do we compete with this team one may ask ?? well I don’t have all the answers but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that to build any kind of team chemistry with in a short period of time you need to consider picking the same players who have faced this obstacle with each other before especially when we came so close to beating Queensland last year.

We shouldn’t have a media circus around the team as soon as the bloody season starts.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself this guys mental hes going way off track with this article well the main point of the article is that YOU took the time to read this most likely because YOU saw the words STATE OF ORIGIN at the top of the page and decided to check it out.

If it wasn’t relevant I wouldn’t be typing this article at 2am in the morning .

If it wasn’t relevant You wouldn’t have Taken the time to read this.

If it wasn’t relevant your blood wouldn’t boil every time you hear the cocky bastards up north scream ‘QUEENSLANDER’ like a drunken teenager trying to impress the girl he can never have at a party because he is a tosser.

State Of Origin somehow lives in the hearts of every single rugby league fan and no matter if its another cringeworthy victory to the Queenslanders this year we will all be glued to our idiot boxes in NSW hoping for a miracle from the footy gods above.

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