Second NRL Club Set To Receive Show Cause Letters From ASADA

Overnight players from the Essedon AFL club received show cause letters from ASADA meaning that the investigation into the alleged use of performance enhancing substances has been concluded.

The Cronulla Sharks are expected to receive their show cause letters next week, however the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that a second NRL club will also be sent show cause letters.

Cronulla Sharks fans will no doubt just be glad that all of this is finally getting closer to some sort of conclusion. You can be sure that this will be announced just in time to hang over the second State Of Origin game. That is just how things tend to work out for Rugby League!

That a second club could have players receiving show cause letters is very interesting. I keep hearing rumours of which club that will be, it is a Sydney club, and if it is the club whose name is being tossed around that I’m hearing it is going to cause big headlines.

Not that they wouldn’t be big anyway…

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