If NSW Win State Of Origin Two They Will Not Recieve The Origin Shield In Sydney

In one of those “What the hell are they thinking?” moments, the Daily Telegraph is reporting that is New South Wales win State Of Origin two, they will have to wait until game three of the State Of Origin series to receive the Origin shield.

You would think it makes sense to hand the trophy to New South Wales if they win a game two, at home, and having wrapped up the series. Someone at the NRL doesn’t seem to think so though.

I can understand that the NRL wouldn’t want to set game three up as a dead rubber. However if NSW win State Of Origin two you would have thought the chance to see the Blues lift the shield in front of home fans after 8 longs years would have been a great moment for the game to have.

On top of that, the idea that New South Wales could win the series and they get booed by Queenslands supporters in Brisbane when they receive the shield, possibly after losing the game, well its just silly.

Of course New South Wales have to win the second game first before any of this is an issue. As an unbiased writer I will suggest that there is a 50% chance that New South Wales will win game two of the State Of Origin series. These little details needs sorted out by the NRL.

Just give us the bloody shield…

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