Ricky Martin To Perform At The NRL Grand Final…Seriously???

Nothing says Grand Final day like a washed up Latino pop singer…

You know when people talk about a line being crossed? Well, the National Rugby League just crossed that fucking line…

The benefit of the doubt is gone. After banning the shoulder charge, generally going out of their way to complete the pussification of the game, having not stepped in to keep stars or attract stars to the game, it is clear that the NRL is ineffective and is falling in it’s responsibility to lead the game and take it forward.

What fucking idiot at the NRL thought that getting Ricky Martin to perform a the Grand Final would be a good idea? How out of touch are these people?

Ricky Martins last hit single was back in 2002. That was the year the Bulldogs had all of their points stripped due to breaking the salary cap!

Take a wild fucking guess as to why the NRL waited until the Grand Final was sold out before they announced who the entertainment was? I would want to be paid to sit through watching that fucking idiot mail I’m a half arsed performance!

Why the fuck is Ricky Martin want to mime at the Grand Final for anyway? Just fuck off, leave us all alone and go and moisturise your face or something!

It was bad enough when Kelly fucking Clarkson was was dragged away from the all you can eat buffet to pump out one of her long forgotten songs. Not we have yet another dickhead from the Channel 9 stable of “entertainment” who will be wheeled out to try and sell us shit we won’t listen to anyway.

David Smith knows more about running a business than the rest of the people running NRL clubs combined. It is clear though that his background in business has not prepared him for running what is essentially an entertainment empire.

In business you try to avoid risk. In Rugby League, people tune in to see risks being taken.

The National Rugby League isn’t a cold corporate empire. It is a vibrant, entertaining, violent car crash that has all the drama and excitement that you could ever want.

Take all of those things away and it’s just another bloody rugby competition!

The sooner David Smith realises this, the better. We need stars. We need drama. We need spectacular collisions. It’s all well and good to market the game to the vanilla set and pat yourself on the back when talking heads go a whole week without bagging the sport….but that is missing the point!

The NRL has already won over the mainstream. It is already the king of the mountain. By marketing the sport to the most boring people in the world, you’re losing the established fan base the game already has!

Rugby League is one of the few sports in the world that has epic “wholly shit!” moments. David Smith and the current NRL administration are doing everything they can right now to take those moments away.

It is the pussification of Rugby League, and it is happening before our very eyes.

Ricky Martin…..give me a fucking break!

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