Parramatta Eels Caught In Spying Scandal

The Parramatta Eels installed hidden cameras I’m the dressing rooms earlier this season according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

The cameras are alleged to have been installed by the club and without the knowledge of Parramatta Stadium management itself. When stadium management become aware of the cameras they ordered them to be removed immediately.

This is just the latest batshit crazy moment in the Parramatta Eels 2013 season from hell.

With the CEO standing down, board members being sacked, most of the first grade squad told they were not wanted via an overhead projector and Ricky Stuart being Ricky Stuart, the Eels have turned into a complete basketcase of a club.

Rugby League clubs all have their secrets. It isn’t the type of sport where you are going to find out some groundbreaking secret that makes a club great though.

I can not believe that someone thought this was a good idea. I can’t believe anyone would think this would give them an edge over their opponents.

At the other end of the scale, it’s just bizarre! It is a huge breach of privacy, it is against the law, and you have to wonder what type of sick bastard really wants to look through footage of a football teams dressing room!

You have to wonder what is next from the Eels. At this stage, anything is possible…

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