New Zealands Pathetic Joke Cements Himself As A Punch Line

He had walked out on, and quit on more club and national sides then I even care to imagine, and all along the way it was self interest and ego that guided his decisions.

So it is stunning to read the news that Stacey Jones has AGAIN decided to un-retire and sign a one year contract with the New Zealand Warriors.

Now, lets just forget about the fact that Jones walked out on the Catalan Dragons early, that he told them he was going to retire and that was that.

The Warriors are completely stupid to have let Jones anywhere near the club ever again!

Jones was just one of the terrible players the New Zealand Warriors had when Daniel Anderson took over what was left of the club in 2001.

As a group of players the Warriors had never achieved anything, they had never even made the playoffs, even through the Super League season where just about every made the playoffs, and not when 8 of the 14 NRL clubs also made the finals.

Anderson turned the club around, he made them work hard, he put in place a game plan that worked to their strengths and in his first season as coach, the Warriors made their first finals series.

The next season was even better!

Under Andersons coaching the Warriors went all the way to the Grand Final, losing to the Sydney Roosters and looking like the New Zealand giant had finally awoken.

Then things started to go wrong, with players at the Warriors unhappy of what was being asked of them, basically the same thing that was being ask of every other player in the NRL.

Led by Jones, there was a player revolt against Anderson. Career losers like Ali Lauitiiti and the like started to walk away from the club, the team started playing terrible football, Jones of course quit on the team and eventually Daniel Anderson decided to leave.

Anderson however was still the New Zealand Test coach. That of course was the reason for Stacey Jones’ retirement from the Kiwi side….the first of many time he quit on his nation.

Of course Daniel Andersons coaching ability is unquestioned, and he went on to bigger and better things while the losers that pushed him out of the Warriors went back to, well, being a bunch of losers.

So to let that little Kiwi white ant, that pathetic, ego driven fool back, is a disgrace.

There is a trend in the tiny little Auckland Rugby League scene to worship the ground Jones walks on. There are many people in power in the game over there that count him as good friends.

Its too a point where they named Jones as the greatest New Zealand player of all time last year, a staggering, terrible decision that was an insult to the likes of Rubin Wiki and Gary Freeman.

Now, the little Kiwi Quitter is back.

Now prizes for guessing how this ends.

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