League Freak’s Friday Night Fights: Ricky Stuart vs Mick Potter

Tonight see’s the two worst teams in the National Rugby League face off in a battle for absolutely nothing!

Both clubs are paying coaches who are no longer there. Both clubs have recently lost their CEO’s. Both clubs have had issues with players leaving the club. Both clubs have issues at board level.

Through all of this, Ricky Stuart and Mick Potter have had to do their best with what they’ve got. While Stuarts job isn’t under threat (For now) the word is that Mick Potter will be sacked at seasons end.

The question tonight for my readers is this….

Who would you LEAST like to see coach your club?

Who Would You Least Like To See Coaching Your Club?

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As always it is not up to me to make a case for either side, it is completely up to my readers. So get voting and lets see which club has the worse coach.

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