League Freak’s Friday Night Fights: Darren Lockyer vs Cameron Smith

As the Melbourne Storm take on the Brisbane Broncos in Friday Night Football my mind turns towards two of the greatest players either club has produced.

Both Darren Lockyer and Cameron Smith both rate among the greatest players to every play Rugby League. Both players have built a reputation as the games ultimate winners and both are great leaders at club, state and international level.

That is where my question for the week kicks in.

Which player would you consider to be the better leader, Darren Lockyer or Cameron Smith?

Cast your vote in the Poll below:

Which Player Would You Consider To Be The Better Leader?

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As always with my Friday Night Fights, it is not up to me to make a case for either player. It is completely up to my readers to decide this one!

Cast your vote and lets see who wins this one. I have no idea who the winner will be, but it will be interesting to see who comes out on top!!!

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