Luke Walsh Could Leave St Helens Early

Don’t yo just love the commitment that some Super League imports show their new clubs!

Before even kicks a ball in anger for St Helens 2014 signing Luke Walsh is already talking up the fact that he has a get out clause in his contract if another NRL clubs makes him an offer.

In an interview with Steve Mascord, when asked about his move to St Helens and whether he could ever find himself back in the NRL Walsh has been quoted as saying “”Yeah, I’ve got an opportunity to get out…at any time. I was just getting sick of the pressure here. It’s pressure week-in, week-out. I can go over there, enjoy myself, improve my game. I mightn’t come back.”.

So he will stick around unless he gets a better offer. Nice!

This will all be music to the ears of St Helens fans who have had to put up with some of the worst imports in Super League recently.

Most Super League imports have clauses in their contracts these days allowing them to leave at any time should they get an offer from an NRL club. Few ever enact the clause but a few do.

Of course these days when a player is release due to “Personal Reasons” it almost always means they’ve got a better offer elsewhere.

St Helens fans have every right to feel piss off hearing Walsh talking about leaving St Helens before he has even arrived at he club. It’s a terrible look and the last thing the club needed as hey struggle on the field this season.

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