League Culture Podcast – Episode 2

The League Culture Podcast is a new podcast covering Rugby League from all around the world. They look at international representative and club results, various events that are in support of expanding the game, and they talk to the people who are looking to expand the game in new areas of the world.

This weeks episode has been broken down into three parts, all of which you listen to right here:

Part 1: International results, London to Lodz (Poland) 1000 mile cycle, Ireland, Des & Dec Foy talk Origin: http://soundcloud.com/leagueculture/leagueculture-episode-2-part-1

Part 2: Robert Burgin takes into the world of Latin American RL, Nordic Cup report (Denmark RL), Des & Dec – Des talks about his trip to Italy: http://soundcloud.com/leagueculture/leagueculture-episode-2-part-2

Part 3: Commonwealth Special – Analysis of the Commonwealth 9s, statement from Rugby League President David Oxley CBE, Kevin Ferrie of the Herald (Scotland): http://soundcloud.com/leagueculture/leagueculture-episode-2-rlcc

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