Canterbury Bulldogs Reportedly Chasing Rugby Union Player Kurtley Beale

News Limited is reporting that the Canterbury Bulldogs are chasing Australian Rugby Union player Kurtley Beale.

Beale is off contract and has been pushing for a better deal from the ARU for a while. This could very well be a toss up by his management to get the ARU to lock him into a deal before the Bulldogs do.

Signing Beale would be a risk for the Bulldogs. Beale has a long history of off field issues and while he is a former Rugby League junior there is no guarantee he will be any good as an NRL player.

The Bulldogs have been trying to find a full time fullback since losing Ben Barba to the Brisbane Broncos at the end of last season. Whether Beale is the answer though is hard to say.

Beale is unlikely to come cheap as he could probably demand a decent amount of money from Japanese Rugby Union clubs who throw money at players to play against opposition that wouldn’t event cut it in local a grade competitions.

It will be interesting to see how Bulldogs supporters react to this news report. I personally would like to see Beale playing Rugby League. It would be interesting to see how he goes against top quality players as opposed to the hacks that run around playing Rugby Union.

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