Johnathan Thurstons Laugh

Every time Johnathan Thurston appears on the Footy Show, he laughs.

People love his laugh too. If you’re on Twitter when Thurston is on the Footy Show you will see your timeline light up with people going on and on about it.

Last night was a classic Footy Show appearance for Thurston as he got completely stitched up during a player quiz. He laughed his arse off.

I promised people I would make a Johnathan Thurston ring tone they could throw on their phones.

I’m a robot of my word:

You can save this file if you On The File HERE and new window will open. From there right click anywhere on that window and save the MP3 file. From there you should be able to throw the file on your phone and boom, Thurston is busting out the Kookaburra every time you get a call!

It took me a while to put this together so if you like it and you have Paypal, send a donation to the Paypal address “”. Its not compulsory but it would be cool!


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