Is Jason Taumalolo Available If An Opposition Team Comes Up With The Right Deal?

Before we begin let me just state that you will not find a bigger fan of Jason Taumalolo than me. He is one of the greatest players in the games history. A player who is an historic marker in the games entire timeline. So…keep that in mind.

We have become use to seeing Jason Taumalolo doing things on the football field that seem other worldly. In a tough game and in an era with more quality forwards than any other time in the games history, seeing Taumalolo power through opposition teams, racking up record meters gained, and just looking stronger than any other player on the field, it made the Cowboys must see TV no matter what the record was.

The last couple of season though, Taumalolo has struggled a little with random injuries. They have never really allowed him to get a roll on again, and it has been a little concerning.

The North Queensland Cowboys have just announced that they have replaced Taumalolo as club captain, instead going with Reuben Cotter and Tom Dearden. In some ways it makes a lot of sense, having your captain in and out of the lineup during a season carrying injuries is a bit of a problem. The thing is, this is Jason Taumalolo. He is an all time great. He is only 30 years old. For a forward, this is his prime!

Now unlike some great players, Taumalolo is actually a pretty chilled dude. He is not one for drama, he is not one to pressure his club or his coach. He isn’t controversial in terms of coming out in the media and saying different things, he is about as steady of a superstar we have ever seen.

I would bet money that Jason Taumalolo has no issues at all with the Cowboys and their decision.

I just wonder….if an opposition team approached the Cowboys and offered a player swap, and to take Jason Taumalolo off the clubs hands, including his entire salary, how would the Cowboys react?

A few years ago they hang the phone up on any club making that offer. Would they have the same reaction now? They’d probably have to talk about it at management level at least. Would they ask Jason if he would be interested in playing for another club? Would such a deal come down to who they get back in a player swap? It is interesting to think about at least.

Which team would Jason Taumalolo be a good addition to? Any team. Every team. All of them!

I highly doubt it’s a move we would see happen though. Could you rule it out completely? Anything is possible in Rugby League.

It is cool to think about what a seismic addition to any club Taumalolo would be though. That is why gets the gears of a move like this ticking over in my head! šŸ˜€

I personally hope Taumalolo gets back to being injury free again and has another gigantic, rampaging, unstoppable season. He is one of my favourite players I’ve ever seen play the game.

I also hope he retires as a North Queensland Cowboys player…and in a number of years from now!

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