Jarryd Hackett – Aging Roster, Where Too For Next Season

As much as I hate to say it and as much as I love them, I think it’s the best option for the North Queensland Cowboy to release Dallas Johnson, Matthew Bowen & Glenn Hall at seasons end. It’s no secret we have an ageing roster, the old legs in the squad is partly the reason we aren’t doing too well this season – in my opinion.

Dallas is perhaps one of the toughest to wear a Cowboys jersey, Bowen IS the best of all time, Hall…well he’s a solid performer but has been far from his best the last 18 months. We need fresh blood in the squad, with Chris Grevsmuhl, Zac Santo and possibly Korbin Sims joining the club we need to make some room, I’m also aware that Santo has recently been added as a member of the NRL squad.

Bowen’s 32 at the start of next season and his knees aren’t getting any better, Dallas has a battle weary frame, while Glenn Hall is past it – not to mention he’s the oldest member of the squad – give his cash to someone else.

A possible replacement for Bowen is Nathan Gardner, on the outer with Cronulla Sharks coach Shane Flanagan and starring in the NSW Cup the 22-year-old who was once the best young fullback coming through the ranks in the NRL was previously sounded out by the Cowboys last season but decided to stay at Cronulla. Could a move to the Cowboys be on the cards? It’s possible.

The Cowboys should have held off Thurston’s contract talks until a later date. He has been poor this season, once again he is ageing and he is also having troubles with a battle weary frame – it’s in his genes. In his current form Thurston is worth a lot less than the reported $1.1 million dollars he is paid a season, maybe the stress of his unborn baby is taking a toll on him?

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