Is Joey An Immortal?

A lot of debate this week has centered on wether Andrew Johns should be included as an Immortal while he is still playing the game.

Many good judges say that Johns is the best player they have seen and most accept that he is the best halfback of all time. However, the step up from being a great player to an immortal is immense and it should not be a decision taken lightly.

Growing up, the post war Immortals were like gods. Clive Churchill, Bob Fulton, John Raper and Reg Gasnier…players so good that even today people still talk about how good they were and how they could be superstars even in todays modern game.

A few years ago, two more names were added to the list with Queensland legends Arthur Beetson and Wally Lewis being named Immortals.


Few questioned Beetsons inclusion as an Immortal, but some took issue with Lewis as his career in the NSWRL was not nearly as dominating and brilliant as his career at Origin and Test level.

Now, after Andrew Johns Stellar performance, a push is on to see his name included in that list. But is he Immortal material?

I don’t hesitate to say that Andrew Johns is the best player I have ever seen. He is the complete package or attack and defence. He is an innovator, he has complete command over the game at any level he plays at.

On top of this, Johns is a brilliant goal kicker with a very good goal kicking percentage and a point scoring record that is only over shadowed by the very top point scorers in the games history.

Having said that, I believe the measure of an Immortal is how people see them 10 years after they have retired and ,because of this, I would not name Andrew Johns as an Immortal just yet.

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