I Don’t Understand Why People Are So Upset At Tom Waterhouse

When the NRL signed its billion dollar broadcasting deal, Rugby League fans knew there would be a few comprimises.

People don’t hand over that type of money and not ask for something in return. After years that saw the game under funded, the ARL knew it has to get the maximum amount of money it possibly good out of its commercial deals compared to how things has been done in the past.

That went for sponsorship too…

When the NRL signed a deal to make TomWaterhouse.com the leagues betting partner, obviously the people that ran TomWaterhouse.com also wanted to get the most they possibly could out of the deal.

Not only does TomWaterhouse.com offer great odds by knowing what the punters want, but they go out of their way to offer fans of the game a change to become part of the action by visiting TomWaterhouse.com and placing a bet.

The backlash from supposed fans of the game was over the top and vile. He we had a great company like TomWaterhouse.com offering a substantial amount of money to offer great betting odds, and people were up in arms? Why?

I don’t know Tom Waterhouse, but he seems like a great bloke. The type of guy that wants to give punters what they want. Is that a crime in this day and age? I don’t think it is! You can even join TomWaterhouse.com right now and when you place your first bet he will give you a bonus bet of up to $100.

What more do people want from him?

Some said they didn’t like the way he commented on the game but I thought he made a lot of really good points. Not only did he offer people great odds at TomWaterhouse.com but he gave you insight as to how both teams matched up.

i think people need to lay off TomWaterhouse.com because at the end of the day, he is just giving punters what they want.

Is that such a bad thing?

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