I Am The Greatest There Has Ever Been And I Own All Of You

Once again The Glorious League Freak has caused waves on both sides of the planet, and all I needed was my mobile phone.

In announcing my EXCLUSIVE news that Josh Dugan would be signing for St Helens, I managed to dupe thousands of people into believing that it was true.

The reactions to my April Fools Day jokes are always funny and varied.

You have the ones that take the bait and have no idea its a prank. Poor bastards! Then you have the ones that suspect its a prank, but they are not sure, so they run with it as though its a fact because they don’t want to feel like they are out of the loop.

You have the ones that feel like they are special because they know its a prank and they try to tell as many people as possible. Then you have the ones that just get angry about it. Last but not least you get the gormless idiots that say things like “April Fools Day pranks are supposed to be funny”.

Make no mistake, I do these April Fools Day jokes for me. No one else.

Oh how I laughed…..

I managed to get fans, players and quite a few journos. The news of Dugans fake move to St Helens took on a life of its own. It got the Rugby League community on Twitter buzzing. Meanwhile I was in bed reading it all on my phone and laughing my arse off.

Its just so easy. Other people need to work hard at this sort of thing. I thought up the Josh Dugan prank at 11:55pm as an afterthought!

Sure I get a lot of info passed on to me by people very close to certain situations, but the fact that I DON’T pass this information on is why I get told things in the first place! As if I would get told something as sensitive as a imminant signing and pass it on to my thousands of followers without checking its OK to do so!

I tossed in the Tom Waterhouse article as a laugh. It wasn’t paid for, I just thought it would be funny if someone wrote a defense of him while obviously promoting his service. You know, like real journalists do!

You see, people need to understand that I may be based in Australia (Or am I???) but I have a world wide readership. I am the biggest personality in British Rugby League and I don’t even live there! (Or do I???)

Don’t feel special if you got drawn in by it. Don’t feel special if you knew it was a prank. There is only one person here that managed to amaze the world with his greatness today. That is me….The Glorious League Freak!

And now for my next trick….

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