Missing Person Alert: Where Is Jarryd Hayne?

He was supposed to be one of the games best players, and he was paid accordingly, but Jarryd Hayne has gone missing and I for one am concerned for his well being.

Jarryd Hayne used to be the fullback for the Parramatta Eels. A big, athletic player with a lot of skill. He had the ability to carve teams up and when he is at his best, he is one of the top ten players in the game.

Where is he? What happened to him?

Parramatta’s current fullback looks disinterested and at times, lazy. The type of player that just doesn’t want to be there, he would rather be doing something else.

The decision by the Eels to re-sign Parramatta’s current fullback was ridiculous. He is on a huge contract and he simply is not producing the results.

So if you have seen Jarryd Hayne out there, please, let me know. As a Rugby League community we have to find Jarryd Hayne and bring him back.

Jarryd Hayne MIA


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