EXCLUSIVE: Josh Dugan To Sign With St Helens Within 48 Hours

Former New South Wales and Canberra Raiders fullback Josh Dugan will be playing for St Helens, possibly as soon as next weekend, after contract talks with the Brisbane Broncos broke down on Sunday.

Dugan, who was recently sacked by the Canberra Raiders, became embroiled in an argument with Raiders fans on social media on Saturday night and it has all but seen his prospects of playing in the NRL in 2013 vanish.

Dugan will sign a contract for the remainder of the 2013 Super League season with an option, in his favour, for season 2014. This option is a risk for St Helens as they are expected to try and lure jamie Lyon back to the club for next season.

This move is seen by the Dugan camp as being the easiest way of getting him back on the playing field this season with the least amount of resistance  It had become clear that the NRL was looking to run interference on Dugan signing with another club so quickly after being sacked, and that was before the recent spat on Instagram.

I’m told Nathan Brown see’s Dugan as a safe bet. He would easily be the best fullback in Super League but he also has experience playing at Standoff for the Canberra Raiders, and there is a feeling that Brown likes the idea of playing Dugan in the line and getting more ball than he would at Fullback. With the more relaxed defense we see in Super League, Dugan could be the type of signing that turns St Helens season around.

This is a gamble I think St Helens had to take. When you look at the way the side if struggling right now with no direction from their halves at all, taking a gamble on Josh Dugan just makes sense. He won’t be on huge money for his first season at the club but I’m told if he takes up the contract option in 2014 he will be earning a substantial amount.

Overall, I think it is a great signing and shows that St Helens aren’t willing to sit back and just let the season run its course. This is a signing that is sure to worry a few other clubs in Super League.

St Helens now have the best player in the competition on their books.

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